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Baja Bamboo Dream Throw

Baja Bamboo Dream Throw
Baja Bamboo Dream Throw Baja Bamboo Dream Throw
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Baja Bamboo Dream Throw

Perfect for adding modern design and elegance to every home, the rich earth tones of these bamboo

throws complement any home decor, whether a contemporary or a classic design.

And these bamboo throws simply must be felt to fully appreciate their unique silky softness.

Being four times more absorbent than cotton, bamboo throws are breathable, wick moisture and are

naturally antimicrobial; a throw that will make you feel cooler in hot weather and warmer in cool


The appeal of bamboo goes beyond its amazing feel and comfort. These throws are eco-friendly.

Few plants have a smaller environmental footprint than bamboo. One of the fastest growing plants,

bamboo thrives with very little water. In addition, inherent anti-bacterial properties enable the

plant to flourish without pesticides and fertilizers.

Content: Rayon made from 100% bamboo

Standard packaging : Vinyl bag

Care Instructions:


Dry clean

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